Internal wooden doors

Internal wooden doors

Wooden internal doors – the highest quality and prestige unique made to measure internal doors manufacturer

Exclusive external and internal doors produced by Dubinski Artistic Joinery Studio are the essence of style and highest standards of workmanship.

What makes doors really exclusive? It is high technology and workmanship precision on every step of the production process.

First of all DUBINSKI Joinery Studio chooses the highest quality wood. It has to be of the first quality, with no knots or defects. Each batch of wood has its certification of origin.

Second of all: the half-product – glulam. We produce our glued laminated timber ourselves. Thanks to this we are in control over the quality of the half-product, which is then used to create your internal doors. We take full responsibility for stability and durability of your internal wooden doors for many years.

Third of all: the chosen material. It is good to make exclusive internal wooden doors of oak. However, while the external oaken doors are almost a golden standard, internal wooden doors offer much more flexibility in that matter. The wood from which you can nicely bring out the woodgrain lines works the best in internal doors designed in a traditional manner. In the case of modern design doors, smooth and painted with opaque paint, you can consider using wood appropriate for such a treatment.

Fourth: CONSTRUCTION. In Dubinski Joinery Studio there is a usability based structural division of internal doors. For large houses, mansions and palaces we offer PRESTIGE construction internal doors, suitable for large internal doors (with large door leafs). Its construction is similar to external doors. These are the doors with double panels with air gap between them, which means that each leaf is characterised by a perfect acoustic insulation. In the case of houses where internal doors fit the standard size, the one-panel construction is quite enough. Still the highest quality of workmanship and subsequent usage is maintained.

Fifth: STYLE. The possibilities to choose from various styles of doors are as wide as your imagination, starting from traditional design, through hand-carved elements or smooth and brushed surfaces, ending on modern look. Each idea and each construction can be made by us.

Carved doors - interior wooden alder made to measure / bespoke doors producer details

2. Residential doors on request. Made of alder wood, decorated with hand-made sculpture with a floral motif, covered with wiped off gold paint. The beauty of these doors is complemented with fittings and door handles covered with 24 carat gold.

Alder timber doors for generations – alder,oak, pine, sapele – internal /  interior doors handle

3. Door handles are an ideal complement to the exclusive internal doors in the residence style. It is obvious that the gold-painted doors should have a gold-coated handles.

Wooden carved fitted internal doors, solid timber: alder – flowers

4. Close-up of a floral element of carved wooden doors. Three-dimensional effect achieved by painting with gold paint and rubbing.

Wooden interior doors fitted, doors pine, oak, alder, sapele timber - wooden windows producer

5. Internal custom-made doors in residence style. Finished with Tiffany stained glass. Each glass was processed manually. The result is a superior elegance of internal doors.

Meranti doors, exclusive internal fitted doors on request from the producer - doors of all types of wood including oak doors, pine doors, alder doors, sapele doors

6. Hall of the house wrapped in a classic internal mahogany doors. The space remains bright despite the lack of direct light thanks to glazed windows.

Interior custom made doors – close-up of timber doors made from alder

7. Close-up of internal doors details.

Internal doors – exclusive unique interior oak doors manufacturer, rustic handle

8. Classic internal oak doors. White doors are very popular these days. Deep brushing highlights the structure of wood and the rustic handle finishing completes the whole.

Double alder casement fitted doors on request, double doors casement - fitted, of high quality alder wooden doors

9. Classic internal doors. Double alder doors. As far as internal doors are concerned, alder is the base material because of its desired surface smoothness. Panes bevelled both sides serve as a decoration highlighting the splendour of these doors. Rays of light diffuse thanks to phasing, resulting in interesting colour effects inside the house.

Good timber fitted interior doors on request, producer of made to measure doors, exclusive and luxury doors on request

10. Large panels in custom-made wooden doors. Regardless of whether the door leaf is solid or glazed, they fit both each other and the interior.

Traditional made interior doors, unique traditional timber alder doors, manufacturer of exclusive internal doors

11. Cut-in shots of classic wooden double-leaf doors.

Wooden interior doors to wardrobe, wardrobe wooden fully fitted doors, solid wood

12. Internal double doors to a dressing room. Thanks to delicate muntins we have obtained the effect of lightness.

Interior timber doors – fitted internal doors on request

13. White doors are a classic, always and forever. For those of you who want to let light in through the windows and to keep your intimacy at the same time, frosted windows are a perfect solution. You can see a single door with an extra flap here. Panes are both bevelled both sides and smoked inside.

Interior alder timber doors – alder fitted doors to size, the same producer offers also pine doors, oak doors. meranti doors and sapele doors

14. Internal one-wing and double residential doors. The simplicity of these doors is expressed in detail. The use of high baseboards is an interesting finish of internal doors; it also adds them splendour. Hand carved heater cover is the most decorative element in this space.

Wooden doors to a residence, fitted luxury oak interior doors living - room in a residence

15. The interior of the residential living room in muted colours.

Internal wooden doors - alder fitted doors, fitted doors on request manufacturer - all types of wood: pine doors, oak doors, sapele doors, meranti doors, alder doors

16. Mansion hall from a broader perspective. Single wooden doors with muntins, finished with bevelled windows with side wings, invite you to enter, at the same time illuminate the corridor, creating an illusion of a bigger space inside.

Internal doors – alder wooden custom made doors producer, other internal doors in an offer: pine doors, oak doors, sapele doors, meranti doors on request

17. White internal premium quality doors. Wood – alder. Highly decorative single door, with two side winglets, glazed with bevelled Optiwhite glass, the inner part matted.

Fitted internal doors to size made from oak - oak internal doors on request

18. The exclusive wall panels should go harmoniously with inner doors. Joinery made by one manufacturer ensures consistency of style.

Internal oak doors – wooden fitted oak doors with long warranty
Oak internal doors to size – fitted internal oak timber doors on request
Exclusive wooden doors - exclusive interior bespoke doors, internal made doors manufacturer

21. Exclusive palace internal doors. Made of oak, hued mahogany. Doors of an extremely massive composition thanks to its coffered frames, as well as portals; decorative, hand-carved. Lightness of these doors is acquired by an arcuate shape and door leaf muntins finished with bevelled glass.

Exclusive doors made to measure – luxury sapele palace doors to size – sapele interior wooden doors

22. Close-up of the glass between muntins emphasizes the dancing reflexes of light.

Oak internal timber doors on request from the producer – wooden doors manufacturer

23. Exclusive internal oak doors. The structure of the wood enriches the doors, woodgrain gives them a unique character.

Carved doors manufacturer – luxury, exclusive wooden doors detal

24. A decorative, hand-carved ornament of an internal oak doors.

Stylish internal doors on request – the best wooden doors manufacturer

25. Stylish classic internal doors. The entire corridor has been equipped with the same doors with bevelled glass in the original frame of muntins. The reflected lamp light dances beautifully on the walls.

Palace luxury interior doors to measure, exclusive wooden fully fitted doors from the producer

26. Renovation of the Palace of the Archbishop in Lviv. This is one of our richest implementations in terms of attractiveness of carved finishings.

Unique exclusive doors producer – luxury alder wooden doors on request palace portal

27. Close-up of hand-carved portal of exclusive palace internal doors. The combination of white doors and red walls of the ballroom of the Palace of the Archbishop in Lviv.

Exclusive internal doors bespoke producer – fitted timber doors palace crown

28. Palace internal doors. The crown of the exclusive doors constitutes their uniqueness and individual beauty. Thanks to the crown these internal doors become more impressive and therefore ideally fit large spaces.

Alder wooden doors band of a lift – wooden fitted doors on request for lifts  – non-standard doors manufacturer

29. Lift band decorative element. The combination of absolute classics and refined interior of the palace with modern technological solutions.

Custom made timber doors on request – massive oak doors manufacturer

30. The massive oak doors at the Malbork Railway Station. The doors have been revitalised.

Palace luxury wooden doors –  palace exclusive internal doors on request

31. The ballroom of the Palace of the Archbishop in Lviv. Amidst such thick walls not only doors should be impressive, but also crowns and frames. Their coffers were made in the same manner as the surface of the door leaf.

Exclusive wooden doors - Internal luxury fitted doors

32. Close-up of the decorative element of internal doors to the ballroom.

Good alder internal doors, lasting made to measure doors for generations close-up

33. Close-up of a sculpture.

Carved wooden doors – sculpture wooden doors from alder, producer of doors made from oak, alder, pine, sapele and meranti wood

34. Close-up of a sculpture.

Carved wooden doors on request, carved fitted doors to size - alder sculptures

35. Sculptures coming from Dubiński Joinery Studio.

Sliding internal doors timber – sliding bespoke doors producer

36. One of our modern implementations. Double-leaf internal sliding doors. On the one hand, they close the bedroom area, on the other, when the doors are open, two spaces merge into one, creating the effect of increased space.

Non-standard internal fitted oak doors on request, internal doors manufacturer

37. Internal oak doors, made for residence basement. Pegging the places where nails were driven is noteworthy – it gives the raw look to these unusual internal doors.

Non-standard made to measure teen doors - wooden teenage doors manufacturer, colouful youth door on request
Contemporary internal doors – classic internal wooden doors producer, pine doors , oak doors, alder doors, sapele and meranti doors

39. Modern traditional internal doors. One of our few veneered implementations.

Solid timber doors producer - alder, oak, meranti, pine, sapele doors manufacturer – oak internal doors fragment


Non-standard doors producer - non-standard solid timber internal doors on request


Solid wood doors and interior – close-up, oak custom made doors to size


Oak interior wooden fitted doors on request – solid wood doors made from oak


Wooden solid oak internal doors manufacturer, internal fitted doors on request – wooden doors from oak, pine, alder, meranti and other



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