Wooden windows

Wooden windows

Wooden windows – pine fitted windows, meranti windows, fitted windows to size manufacturer, the highest quality

If you consider having wooden windows at your house, it is worth looking closely at some elements significantly affecting wooden windows quality.

Choosing the right wood for windows depends on what our needs are and what visual effects do we want to achieve.

First: material.
PINE WINDOWS And so … pine is the cheapest and therefore the most commonly used wood for windows.
MERANTI WINDOWS If you plan to invest in wooden windows and at the same time you would like your windows to be significantly better, MERANTI is a very good and popular solution.
OAK WINDOWS Oak is by far the best building material to be found in native deciduous trees. Oak wood is hard, very durable and resistant to abrasion. It is characterized by high durability and immunity to changing moisture conditions.

Second: glulam.
The elite group of carpenters produce glulam fully independently to secure every production step. We make sure that the wood comes from ecological, certified regions. Moreover, we use unique, patented technique of joining elements ensuring that our clients get products that are timeless, durable and resistant to changing weather conditions, always air-tight and warm.

Third: the kind of window.
SINGLE WINDOWS are the most common windows in Poland. This name originates from the fact that a pane is assembled in one window frame, depending on the window thickness and its structure.
Nowadays windows may have many sashes and various styles and finishings. This kind of windows is often set in place of the old ones because of their lower price, high usability and wide availability.
DOUBLE WINDOWS Wooden double windows are most often used in large, residential buildings, usually in renovated manor houses or historic palaces. Our Joinery Studio has already designed and assembled many double windows, reconstructed on the base of old windows. We have also realised modernising projects where various types of windows having single and double panes were joint.
SASH WINDOWS This type is very common in Anglosphere. We believe they are wonderfully practical and beautiful. In other languages these windows are sometimes called “guillotine” windows, and this name characterises them the best. The upper sash is usually fixed and the bottom one can be moved up and down. It is a good solution for those who want to have a lot of space inside the room and use the surface of window sill.
SLIDING WINDOWS This kind of windows works well for high windows – often used on balconies. One sash is fixed and the other moves along it on a special rail. It is an offer for those who want to be sure that the window will stay open and gusts of wind will not make it shut out of the blue.

Fourth: MUNTINS.
Muntins are used both as an element corresponding with traditional architecture and as a contemporary decorative element. Muntins are slats that divide a window into smaller panels. Nowadays real muntins, so called construction muntins, are used more and more seldom.
Beautiful wooden windows may be practically treated as works of art. They can have carvings, decorative cornices and pilasters, often becoming a beautiful and unique detail in sophisticated style.
Preservationists usually demand reconstruction of windows – especially of wooden and double windows – with wood, as a requirement in renovation of historic buildings

Painting surfaces is another story. Paints can be divided into two groups. For those who prefer the woodgrain to be visible Lazur varnishes are recommended. However more and more windows are painted with opaque paints, especially in shades of white and grey.
Surface of wood needs to be treated with substance blocking resin or tannin leaking. Then the wood is covered twice with finishing varnish providing the effect wanted by a customer. The last layer is a special varnish providing matt, semi-gloss or gloss effect on wood. These last two layers give the window a finishing touch. They also protect wood against sunlight and fading.
The best joineries paint window elements separately and only then all these elements are assembled together. Here lies the great mystery and the keystone of the production quality – process conversion. First, paint components, then – put them together. Even if the wood still changes, this technique enables the surface to stay unchanged for many years. Therefore, it is worth asking your carpenter which technique of painting is used, for there is no sadder thing than to see windows or doors that are cracked after a few years, especially if you paid a lot of money for them.

Sixth: panes.
What would be a truly beautiful window without properly selected glass. Not only is the window a part of the house that is supposed to protect house-dwellers from the cold, it is also the frame we see the outside world in.
Manufacturers offer a wide range of glass, but after years of experience we cooperate with only few suppliers. What counts for us is the precision of joints, excellent performance, timeliness and quality of the delivered glass forms. With various joint options, our customers can also choose a combination of metal, stained glass or bevelled glass.

Seventh: warm and passive assembly.
In case of windows a special attention must be paid to assembly. Even the most beautiful windows will be useless if your carpenter will not assemble them properly.
Let us start with a warm assembly. One should use this assembly to install windows in an energy efficient or passive house to let the windows perform the best they can. Depending on the wall structure various components can be used such as airtight foils, vapour-barrier tapes and special bloating tapes.
Passive assembly is a kind of warm assembly. The difference is that in case of traditional warm assembly the window is set within the wall of the building, whilst in passive assembly it is out of the wall, embedded in the insulation layer.

Meranti windows and pine windows made to measure – wooden windows producer
Good meranti timber windows and pine windows on request straight from the producer
Wooden custom made windows to size – meranti wooden windows and plants, meranti windows manufacturer
Luxury oak windows on request - exclusive fitted oak wooden windows to size, high quality
Oak windows – exclusive timber fitted windows to size
Oak wooden windows and pine windows - Provencal style - Provencal handles
Timber windows Provencal kitchen – English kitchens – flowers
The best oak wooden windows balcony,  oak fitted windows to size producer
Carved wooden fitted windows to size, luxury, exclusive carved windows producer
Bespoke windows to size – fitted durable windows producer
Fitted windows to size, wooden windows manufacturer, the best timber windows producer

12. Large wooden oak windows. Thanks to the large window area the house’s interior is very well lit. Additionally, the use of three panes makes the house warm.

Double casement timber windows to size – passive windows on request manufacturer,  double casement fitted wooden windows

13. Wooden double windows – besides the obvious beauty of double windows, an additional decorative element was used here: metal castings, composed in wood structure.

Windows double casement wooden – fitted windows to size from the producer close-up

14. Close-up of the top of a double window.

Double casement wooden windows – good and solid wooden fitted passive windows to size

15. Wooden double windows – white wooden windows, with additional carved decorative elements.

Non-standard windows producer – non-standard fitted wooden windows to size

16. Unusual version of bespoke oak windows: Dubiński Joinery Studio – a manufacturer of these windows – aside from using a wonderfully eye-catching Tiffany stained glass, additionally secured it with two P4 panes.

Oak wooden windows on request, good wooden windows manufacturer - pine, oak, meranti and alder windows to size

17. Large oak windows in a winter garden.

Oak windows – good timber windows - winter garden

18. The interior of the winter garden is made of oak.

Timber windows, the best made to measure windows manufacturer ofers double casement windows, passive windows, windows pine, exclusive oak windows, meranti windows, traditional windows and all other bespoke windows to size on request – „natural” house

19. Oaken windows made at the Dubiński Joinery Studio. Custom made, arc-shaped windows are especially noteworthy. At the same time the storeyed (??) windows were decorated with carved decorations in horn, which made the windows optically delicate.

Meranti windows, oak windows, pine windows producer, solid and lasting wooden windows to size

20. Meranti wood windows. Decorated with both Viennese muntins and transom bars with decorative heads. Both semicircular roof windows and the corresponding semi-circular fanlights over the classic windows provide brilliance to the house.

Fitted arched windows - good timber, oak arched window to size

21. The four-leaf arched oak wood window with a beautiful bedroom commode composed around it.

Timber fitted to size windows, good windows producer

22. Custom made double-wing oak wood windows with arched construction muntins. In our opinion, this solution has provided a unique effect.

Traditional windows – wooden passive windows - double casement oak windows

23. Oak wood double windows. A very traditional version of windows for the most demanding customers.

Pine windows manufacturer, the best fitted pine windows – wooden windows pine

24. Railway Station in Malbork. After the renovation it was chosen the RENOVATION OF THE YEAR. We do not mean to brag but we took a considerable part in it. All double pine windows has been restored by us.

Fully fitted meranti wooden windows to size, windows manufacturer, oak, pine, meranti, alder wood windows on request

25. If someone dreams of a small white house – this one is the perfect answer to this dream. We manufactured double winged Meranti wood windows with delicate carvings on transom bars. Storeyed windows were decorated with Viennese muntins. All these pieces works together beautifully.


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